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Beaumont Cabinets & Millwork

White Kitchens for Every Style and Budget

White kitchens leave a timeless appeal and a never-ending sleek impression. They depict utter class, style, and luxury in what would have otherwise been a dull impression on laid back designs. When combined with other color effects like silver and stainless steel, white kitchen décor has a way of making you appear neat, clean, and almost spotless.  Besides that, white is the best color against which you can add a world of contrasting décor for that warm, homely, and inviting effect. That said, here are some kitchen designs you can adopt depending on your desired style and achievable cost.

Bold Brick Tricks

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Kitchen with white brick tiles


White is already a modest color for your kitchen. What happens when you want a little detail but still within the color scheme? The all-time favorite bricks design will never get old. Just have it on the walls behind the shelves to give an even lighter impression on the counters and work surface. The brick design adds to a more natural look for your kitchen and evidently, a warmer and homelier feel.

Contrast Your Furniture

Best Cabinets & Milwork - Kitchen with contrasting color furniture


Have your kitchen furniture in a whole different color, more preferably a warmer shade. The result will be a mind-blowing warm, and luxurious look that will never run old to you. This is your chance to use all the color ideas you feel at home with, regardless. There is an added advantage; white color will harmonize with right about every other color you have in mind.

Going All White?

Best Cabinets & Millwork - All white kitchen


The heart and the soul of your home are in the kitchen, and the brighter it is, the brighter the memories you make therein. While some people consider white too modest, it can brighten your mood when blended in with other aspects of white. Most kitchens have silver and stainless still for the sinks and faucets, and it is up to you to make it better. Well, how about an all-white approach? Experts say that using colorless items, glass accessories, and near-white finishing on your kitchen surfaces tends to make it brighter and more spacious.

A Combination of White and Wood

Best Cabinets & Milwork - White kitchen with wood


The result would be heavenly, to say the least. This is a tremendous odd for you if you find all-white somewhat flat. An excellent approach would be to have your cabinets and edges of the counters in a wooden touch. It gets more interesting if your wooden areas are finished in the matte effect and not the cliché shiny surface. Consider, too, to have a color that is close to the wooden shade for all your accessories like frames and vases.

Open Shelving is Yay!

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Open shelves in the kitchen


This is one kitchen trend that is on the most preferred list of kitchen ideas. It brings a whole new approach to shelving your kitchen items and utensils, considering most kitchens adopt the cabinet setting. A white kitchen with visible shelf items is not only an excellent way to give a spacious impression, but it also leaves your kitchen open, inviting, and warm to your family and guests. 

Accessorize with Plants 

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Plants in the kitchen


Art accessories that are green and plant-like can also be used instead of plants and flowers. In a white background, greenery has a way of reducing the striking whiteness to a pure and natural look. Have the vases in neutral colors, and have them on high shelves and backsplashes to ensure visual continuity effects.

Varying Surface Texture

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Varying Kitchen Surface Texture -


White remains the all-time favorite and preferred choice for most kitchens. It, however, does not have to be flat and too modest. Think of varying textures and feels to the surfaces, or impressions of them. Materials rich in texture reduce the dullness of a mono-color, and leave so much for the eye to devour. Think of your cabinet surfaces as with lines or tripe impressions, and your surfaces as with a matte touch to the white; simply perfect.

Introducing White Marble Stones

Best Cabinets & Millwork - White marble kitchen


If anything never goes out of season, it has to be the use of marble in the kitchen. In one of the richest ever inventions, marble stones can now be crowned with details that don’t have to be monochrome. Experts advise that a vibrant, deep-vein approach to the marble idea is an excellent way to set off. It manages to maintain the white color, albeit without the somewhat dull aspect of a plain white décor. Go for a shade of veins that would add to the warmth and luxury of your kitchen while maintaining the delicate and sleek effect.

Go Antique and Vintage

Best Cabinets & Millwork - White vintage kitchen


Get inspired by the ever-gorgeous antique and vintage kitchen designs for your all-white desire. Source for accessories of varying sizes and shapes from antique stores, and go home with stunning wallpaper décor that depicts a profound retro aspect while retaining the richness of the cultural aspects. Have a backlash effect inspired by nature, animals, or plants, and let all that drop a warm hue as they contrast with your white areas.

White and Bold Colors

Best Cabinets & Millwork - White kitchen with yellow fridge


As earlier stated, white is a great color to blend with any colors available. This time, think of the brightening effect of white and another bold color or colors. Well, colors like red, orange, and yellow would sure drop a magical feel in your kitchen. According to experts, bright colors will never tire, and when they do, a shade of them is easily achieved by a touch of paint. Have the accessories and decorative items in a color that is close to the bold color to add to the beauty of the luxurious feel.

Final Thoughts on White Kitchen Styles

The above designs are simple and yet very readily achievable. They are not overly stretching to your pockets, and yet remain stunning in every aspect. Ditch the thought that glamming your home is costly, and step out to make it happen from these and numerous other available options for you. Reach out to your home décor expert today and fish for more ideas on having an all-white kitchen and enjoy the class, warmth, and luxury oozing from this bright color scheme.

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