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Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

Open-Plan Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Space the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is no longer an isolated, functional, or closed up space limited only to the preparation of meals in silence before sharing them in a dining setting. Modern technology has experts working towards making the open-plan kitchen the only viable and practical plan. Basically, an open kitchen plan has the kitchen as the center of the home, in the full glare of every family member. It has a beautiful integration into the dining area, the sitting/living section, and even the home office section. So, instead of cooking alone and locked up in a relatively small space, now you get to cook as you catch up with the rest of your family, or as you watch the kids do homework, etc.

It is now up to us to device decorative designs to spruce up the open kitchen space so that it fits in with the rest of the house without compromising on anything. Here is expert advice on how to go about it.

Cleanliness and Tidiness above all

This should go without saying, but it is worth noting that hen the kitchen was closed up away from the rest of the eyes in the home, you could so easily get away with a mistake here and there. The open-plan kitchen should be enough motivation to keep the space clean and neat so that it does not send any wrong impressions to visitors or family. Being in the full glare of the public, an open kitchen being spotless adds to the ambiance and the homely feeling of the entire house. Hide any clutter and extra stuff with expert storage options. Keeping the surfaces tidy and the decorations in check will keep up the luxury and comfort mood for your guests.

Opt for a Practical Layout

You need to be in a position to see almost every other space in the house as you work around the kitchen. You also do not want to be having your back to the rest of your family or guests. At the same time, you should be within earshot of right about everyone present at home, without having to shout and interfering with communication. Also, stop and consider that children will be passing through, and there is a need to put in place measures that will minimize accidents or having to bump into each other while going around. All this is made possible by a proper and expert layout of your kitchen. Top it up with a beautiful art, flower, or lighting décor so that the eye lingers around the space a little longer.

Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

Bearing in mind that the sweetness of the kitchen space will ooze to the rest of the house, it is paramount to choose a chilled out, yet inviting hue for the shelves and cabinet units. This will allow for the space to fit in perfectly with the rest of your home while minimizing the feeling that you are in an entirely different zone from everyone else. Wood is a perfect choice here and can be extended even to the flooring. Remember, if the place looks sophisticated, then it feels the same!

Consider the Island Design

This is always one of the simplest yet subtlest ways of making the open kitchen relevant and luxurious at the same time. Let it be more than just a cooking space; share meals and drinks in the space without feeling like you ever left at all. The island design is a great way to add a dining detail to your open space kitchen. Opt to contrast the island surface and match it up with the dining seats to leave the impression of another sitting space in the home. This design needs ample lighting, as it will enhance the entire home outlook while preserving the independence of each space.

Bring the Outside Inside

There are many ways to do this. Primarily, the idea is to make the kitchen appeal to the natural look and feel. As such, consider having the windows opening up to a lush backyard with visible greenery and natural charisma. If not possible, decorate your kitchen with the natural beauty of greenery and flowers using vases and pots of all kinds, sizes, and shapes. On top of adding to the homeliness of the space and the entire home, nature and greenery bring in sweet and fresh scents that can prove therapeutic with every breath.

How Family-Friendly is your Open Kitchen?

The idea of opening up your kitchen space to every member in the home is based on the fact that anybody should be able to walk in and not feel intimidated, not only by the décor, but also by the layout, lighting, and general color schemes. Ensure that every little detail is both kid and adult-friendly, respective of gender. Ensure, too, that just as you can go on with your activities, so should your children and partner, and every other guest, without feeling uneasy or tense.

Respect the Work/Office Space

While it is sweet to catch up with your partners in his office as you cook, remember that noises coming from the kitchen can sometimes be distracting. The aromas from the kitchen, too, can be distracting your other family members while they work. Ensure, then, that the lighting and aeration of your open kitchen allow for an excellent blend of openness and closure at the same time. Still, it does not mean that you should be totally blocked out from the office space but instead work towards minimizing distraction, in all the right ways.

In a Nutshell: the open kitchen plan has opened our eyes to the possibilities of changing times. While it is the perfect type of space to ease things up within the home, factor in one other advantage; an open kitchen seems to give an impression of bigger spaces, especially when applied to moderately smaller homes of crammed up apartments. Because bringing down the walls can be incredibly hectic, involving an expert in this field is highly advised.

About Author : Sean Court

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