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Beaumont Cabinets & Millwork

Kitchen Trends in 2020 – The New Looks You Need to See

The kitchen is the way to the soul, so they say. Memories are made in the kitchen, and meals are prepared and shared in the same space. It is, then, no wonder that we have the constant desire to upgrade our kitchens’ décor and look to depict the warm and receptive place it is meant to be. On the same note, here are some of the kitchen trends you need to look out for and incorporate into your kitchen as 2020 fast approaches.

The Minimal, Discrete, or Handleless Effect

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Kitchen cabinets with no handles


2020 is going for kitchen cabinet handles and knobs that are incognito! The idea is to obtain the streamlined look on all your cabinets while retaining the unified appearance altogether. This way, the more in-depth details of your cabinets become more pronounced while having the simple yet stunning simplicity. Some of the options available for this detail include cabinet doors that you only push to open and close, knobs or handles that have a similar color with your cabinets for a camouflage effect, or handles that are slim, sleek, and long to achieve the minimal handle look. Handles installed under or above cabinet doors also have the best Handleless effect. If you do not want the handles and knobs slim and sleek, have them push or hidden entirely.

From the Silver Age to Golden Age

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Gold kitchen faucets


We are used to having our kitchen sinks and faucets done in silver and silver finishes. Well, in 2020, these are going golden. The golden age will see your kitchen sinks and faucets complete in shiny gold finishes, and when blended with appropriate styling, the effect is simply stylish and classy. Have the same done in different sizes and shapes for a deeper and more detailed décor statement.

In with the Stone Marble Look

Best Cabinets & Millwork - White marble kitchen


The marble has returned, and this time it gets bigger and better. With a detailed deep-veined design, your kitchen’s countertops and working space will have a more distinguished appearance. As 2020’s next big thing, embrace the various stone marble designs and enjoy the oozing luxury and pure class look around you.

Black Beauty Luxury

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Black and white kitchen


Black is no longer a distant detail in the kitchen, as is coming up in the top kitchen design trends for 2020. Enjoy the dramatic black moment, full of life, luxury, and the ever-inviting charm. Rather laid back but classy, black cabinets are being embraced along with the warmer hues. It becomes even better in a matte finish to depict a stone effect as opposed to the usual shiny style. If you cannot go major black, consider having a few wooden integrations to add a contrasting touch, and ensure you have the perfect lighting to add more liveliness to the space.

Nature Love all the Way!

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Kitchen with wooden theme


Apart from the marble stones, 2020 is looking to incorporate a natural look in your kitchen, from all sorts of natural materials. Quartz, wood, and ash are among these options, working all the way from the working surfaces, walls, and the floor. Experts advise that you throw in the matte finish to counter the usual shiny style. Stick to warmer tones for the natural effect and a minimalist approach for these effects to steal the show.

Diverse Appliances’ Colors

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Blue Stove


In 2020, we are thankful for the ever-expanding technology for widening the color scope for all kitchen appliances. Apart from the fact that your kitchen appliances are now installed with artificial intelligence, you currently don’t have to be stuck with white, cream, black, and light grey for your color choices. Top companies like Samsung and LG now have additional dark grey, brown, and champagne color schemes. Go for a color that would suit your kitchen’s interior décor without excessive clashing.

Pop Up Your Kitchen in Color 

Best cabinets & millwork - kitchen with pop of color


In 2020, you are going to have to push aside some of the rules to allow you to go full swing and pronto into the scenic color pop. Consider this one a personal choice, more especially if you are not tied to a conservative and opinionated approach. Consider colors that you will not tire of quickly, or rather options that you could update with ease if it came to that. Colorful effects on the walls, the work surfaces, cabinets, kitchen furniture, and plants and flowers are advancing in 2020, and experts advise that you maintain a neutral color on your floor tiles to allow for the colors to pop even more dramatically. 

Think of the Walnut Luxury

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Walnut kitchen


The rich, luxurious, and warm effect of walnut can never die. In 2020, it is back with more finesse and more vibrant colors. You could have all your kitchen cabinets in the deep, rich walnut design and match them up against a different shade for the lamps, surfaces, and flooring. The whole idea is to have the luxurious effect of the walnut shades pimping your kitchen to achieve the undying luxurious strike.

Enjoy Backsplashes with Shelf Extensions

Best Cabinets & Millwork - Kitchen backsplash with open shelf


This is one of the designs that is going to be turning heads come 2020. It is derived from the simple notion that kitchens, too, need to be decorated with countertop accessories, vases, and pictures or other artistic items. Basically, the backsplash has an extension of a shallow shelf or cabinet made of natural materials like stone, marble, or wood. Consider maintaining the same color for both the shelf extensions and backsplashes for a better eye effect.

The Wooden Effect Lives On

Best Cabinets & Milwork - White kitchen with wood


Not only because it is among the most treasured natural materials, but also because wood is the best thing that would happen to your kitchen in 2020. Various color shades will allow you to integrate a stunning interior décor into your kitchen walls, cabinets, work surfaces, and the floors. The shiny finish might have been long overdue, so the suggestion is that a classic dry matte approach will add to a more natural, homely, inviting, and luxurious impression.


Watch out for these and more kitchen trends in 2020!

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