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Pop of color in white kitchen

6 Ways to Add Color to an All-White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen is warm to the eye, makes you appear neat and organized, and it has a unique way of adding to the warmth and receptiveness of your space. This is the first bold step towards embracing unique interior décor because the beauty and class associated with an all-white kitchen remain uncontested; your space oozes pure luxury and comfort. However, we have occasions when we crave a little color pop to the all-white décor. What are the areas to focus on? What are some of the expert tips? Do it like a pro with these ideas.

You Will Never Go Wrong with Plants


Greenery will add a world of liveliness to an otherwise laidback all-white kitchen. It is more than just the color, think of the fresh scents and the beauty of the dynamics emitted into your space, too. Opt for herbs that have beautiful scents and, if possible, therapeutic and medicinal infusions. Place their vases or pots strategically in all the right places to bring an enormous contrast with the white background. This is an excellent idea if you do not want to blemish your white surfaces but still want a touch of the lively and homely feel of your space.

Brightly Colored Utensils and Cooking Pots 

Colored pot with food


Popping colors of your cookware is another way of adding some life to your somewhat dull all-white kitchen space. With these, you should consider an open shelf design so that the eye is treated to the wondrous glory of colors. Think, too, of varying your color choices greatly as this will leave your visitors feeling the special treat of the rainbow effect. Include your vases and flower pots in these colors, to allow for the perfect contrast with the background.

Color up your Furniture

White kitchen design in new luxurious home


It is already enough that your kitchen’s interior décor is all-white; you do not need to add any more white with your carpeting and furniture. Have a colorful carpet under, and then add a beautiful matching shade of color for the holster or dining seats/stools. This is one design that speaks class and luxury, while still maintaining the cleanliness and neat appearance of your space. They say the kitchen is where the soul lies, and every soul that steps into your kitchen will relive the beauty and homeliness forever!

Go for Many Shades of White

White kitchen design in new luxurious home


The idea is for you to add color and glamor to your kitchen without having to disrupt the white décor, right? This is where your imagination is allowed to roam free; silver, glass, and thin-veined marble are among the many areas you should think around. Imagine an all-white kitchen with all the faucets and cabinet handles in shiny silver, simply stunning. Consider having your vases and flower pots in clear, transparent glass so that the white theme progresses uninterrupted. Having your kitchen surfaces in veined marble stones will slightly break the monotony of the white theme, while still maintaining the intended design style. The thinner the veins in the marble, the better the effect will be. Or better yet, white marble with silver veins will do great.

Backsplash and Backgrounds in Color

White Kitchen with stainless steel hood over gas cooktop.


While you can have all your surfaces, walls, cabinets, and flooring in white, consider adding a little pop to the shelf backgrounds as well as to the backsplashes. The choice of color heavily depends on your taste. For instance, a glass, silver, or metallic design would help in maintaining the continuity of your white theme. On the other hand, having the backsplash and shelf backgrounds in brightly-contrasting colors will add life, style, and ease to your uptight white kitchen. Go on, play with the colors, and break the white tension!

Color only the Cabinets

white kitchen with red cabinets


Again, the color is entirely dependent on your picking. Light gray is excellent if you do not want your white theme to be tampered with, just as is silver. Going bright like yellow, red, orange, or blue, on the other hand, will open your kitchen space more, making it appear more spacious and eventually more welcoming. Add this idea to a well-lit area, and you not only have a lively kitchen, but you have a luxurious spot where you can have your guests entertained beyond homely! 

Add a Metallic Effect

White kitchen with metallic effect

You can never go wrong with the gorgeous white and metallic combination. Experts say that as much as it was considered archaic, metal-on-white is making a huge comeback, and this time it can only get bigger and better. The idea is to have the metallic touch in minimal doses but in spots that are open for the eye to wander about. The pendants and suspenders for lighting are one spot you want to consider. Think of the frames of your windows too. A brush of gold would work wonders here, as would a mate effect of bronze. The sharper the contrast, the better the impact it would leave on the eye.

Pop up your Drapes and Curtains

White kitchen with blue curtains

Now, this is one of the best ways to add a touch of your favorite colors to an all-white kitchen. First, because you could easily change curtains anytime, you so choose to. Second, because curtains can be styled out beautifully to add glamor to your window area and eventually to the entire space. Be sure to use certain materials that add to the spacious effect, and those that leave a sense of texture to the eye; the luxurious impact is priceless!


Note – Glamming up an all-white kitchen space is inevitable at some point for most people because as magnificent as it may be, white becomes dull and somewhat flat after some time. If you do not want to do away with the theme altogether, opt for ideas that are easy to do away with whenever you want to go back white. Otherwise, you could choose to color up only small details of your kitchen like the sink or faucets, because it is the smallest details that speak volumes. The bottom line is, whichever path you choose, let it be inspired by the above expert ideas.

About Author : Sean Court

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